Home Rendering Design is the one stop source for artwork and marketing materials for homebuilders, developers, real estate agencies and new home communities. Service include: black & white hand-dawn renderings, color renderings, floorplan redrawing, logo development, print design as well as website development / SEO through Builder Designs. All artwork is of the highest quality, done on time at a a good price. The scope of work ranges from entry level homes to 8 unit townhomes to 2 million+ estates. All architectural renderings are done the old fashioned way with vellum and pen & ink. They are then colorized with watercolor washes over the black line work.

My name is Brian Smallwood and I have been creating artwork for builders, developers and real estate agents since 1995. The whole thing started when I was at the University of Kansas in art school and someone wanted a drawing of a home as a gift. That one drawing turned into 15+ years of working with builders and developers. I now have a number of clients around the country. Some of them are homebuilders who build a handful of homes a year. Others are real estate giants with 20+ new home communities going at any given time. Home Rendering Design prides itself on always getting the project done right the first time and of course on time

If you are a homebuilder, a developer or a real estate agency, and you are interested in improving your portfolio of plans, I am ready to start your project when you are. If you are a new home community and need color artwork for your display wall and need B&W artwork that can be re-produceable on handouts, Home Rendering Design is ideal for what you need. I can even design and print the handouts. Over the years, my clients have discovered that having high quality artwork is essential to grabbing a potential customers attention. Be it online or in the homes section of the paper, professional artwork can make ordinary homes look extraordinary.

You can give me a call (913) 558-9755, drop me an email or fill out the simple form in the sidebar of the website. Thank you for your interest in Home Rendering Design. I look forward to working with you on your next project.

My profile as a designer

As you have probably already seen, Home Rendering Design is also the online showcase of my design work. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Graphic Design, I went to work for a small design firm where I was immediately hit the ground running. I worked on hundreds of projects large and small, constantly learning and developing and honing my design, communication and leadership skills. I worked on everything from an annual catalog for a pet toy supply company to annual reports for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. My greatest learning and developing process during these early years was my work on a number of product development projects. Abbey Press, Hallmark Cards, Andrews McMeel Publishing and many more. There is nothing more cool than to see the greeting card you designed on the shelf at a hallmark store.

Since 2005, I have been the lead art director / designer at the award winning Builder Designs. We are the premiere design firm for the real estate and homebuilder industry. We develop beautifully designed, content managed websites that are loaded with features as well as SEO so they can easily be found in the browsers. We have won almost 20 awards in the last 3 years for projects we have been involved with. A lot of the work I have done at Builder Designs can be seen in the Design Gallery.

The last several months I have jumped into the standards based CSS world of web design. I figured it was about time. So far it has been one big trial & error learning process. I have gotten pretty comfortable with it and am now building custom wordpress themes for sites we are building for homebuilders.

Be sure to check out the design gallery and also visit the blog. I will be posting articles on my techniques in creating renderings and design.